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  1. Alexander County is a terrible place to live in NC. As matter of fact NW NC YOU SHOULD AVOID AT ALL COSTS. ☠💀☠

  2. All those people trading their food stamps for drugs, then having to steal from food lion lmao

  3. 🌬️Due I stay in Winston Salem love it … Great place s to live…

  4. LBG Stand up lol i will say laurinburg is somewhat bad but mostly retired old ppl complaining about the young and reckless upcoming generation but im 23 now and back when i was 16 17 . sadly haning witht he wrong crowd i was apart of the statistics pf burglary but if your from lbg / laurel hill NC your gonna wanna get out asap therrs nothing there to grow on and get money, move away and once i did my life become 1000x better

  5. Moderate climate 🤣🤣🤣 we get all four seasons in one week until summer hits then its humid hell for the next 6 months.

  6. I was considering moving to a few of these towns but not now. Its a big state and I need to explore and research it in more depth. Looks like a lot of poverty there.

  7. Winston-Salem? Lol. It was just chosen the 4th best place to live in the UNITED STATES by Money magazine. Wondering how Nick Johnson got 348k subs when he makes absurd videos like this. He just threw darts at a map. No research. He just phoned it in and then added a nice click-bait title.

  8. I live in Willow Springs North Carolina right next to Fuquay great place to live

  9. Kinston isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seems, it has some cons but there are a lot of pros

  10. Main reason I dont hang out in High Point, I dont like getting shot at.

  11. You sound like you are from NC…you then confirmed it…Im from Rockingham

  12. This state sucks. Worst place Ive ever lived and the people are rude, stuck up ,entitled , assholes.

  13. Don’t come here to NC it’s awful trust me, I just moved here last year.

  14. Since I’m from Fayetteville I just knew it was gonna be here haha

  15. I live in North Carolina, move from NH for the weather. Love it.

  16. lmfao when he said salisbury (shotsbury)! think lexington, but a little bit worse, (if u can believe it) i lost it 😂

  17. You do know that places along the coast have some of the Highest drug additions right???

  18. A lot of people living in these poverty areas choose to because theyre lazy and want to sit around and wait on a government check .

  19. Lmao born in Fayetteville and raised in Lumberton I fill this list lucky I got out before I got sucked into the badshit

  20. Still looks better than growing up in S. Central in the 90s

  21. rocky mount and kinston nc have increase manufacturing companies

  22. Just keep watching TV and wearing your mask and make sure you get your vaccine as your country is destroyed by the satanic nwo

  23. Im from lumberton a.k.a. Robco or Rob u son 🤣🤣🤣…. gang land!!! I luv my city but its just to much dirt goin on when it comes to law enforcement

  24. You proved you dont know s*** about anything you reported about

  25. You can go to any city and find the one street that looks run down. There is crime in every single city. The smaller towns shown in this video seem accurately described, but cities like Winston Salem and Greensboro arent all like whats described here. Theres a lot of beauty and opportunity in those cities, you just have to do your research and know where to go just like literally any other main city in the state. I didnt miss the sly undertones in this video either. Not sure why this video was suggested to me but figured Id leave this in the replies for others to read. Not everything described in this video is spot on.

  26. Imagine being black about 40 years ago noway in hell could you have had a family owned business…it was hard to own land as well as other situations…and as country as these cities are there is a lot of wasted land that whites could have given to black ppl but the American way is to hoard all you can and give noone anything even though it was just passed down to you through generations… black ppl have never had land to pass down…but someone just gave out loans and land after the war…and not to black soldiers either who are supposed to be brothers of the white ppl you were fighting with!!!

  27. my mom was originally from Kinston before she eventually moved to Rocky Mount in her early twenties (definitely not an upgrade). but her dad ended up being murdered by his brother right after they dropped her off at elementary school in the 80s. both of these places are shitters. I’ve live in Boone for the past two years and have no plans of ever moving back.

    1. Aww Sara Im sorry you be safe up there in the hills ❤️❤️

  28. I will definitely say certain parts of High Point & Winston are not safe night or day but thats just about anywhere you go.


  30. Greenville represent😂💯 nah but Greenville is starting to get bad 😬

  31. This video is totally biased 😂 …..Seems like a Guy that is unhappy with his own life…..He can move lol

    1. Dude if you are so unhappy being in NC …Go home…Evidently you havent seen the other parts of the state so this video is skewed…If you are going to post videos about NC how about be familiar with the whole state and not pick out the places you feel uncomfortable…Have you been to good places or are you just a negative person?

  32. At 6:50, the driver is like “hell no I ain’t stopping at a red light around here” 😂

  33. 828…Asheville🎯…..PVA….Hillcrest…..Lee Walker Heights….Deaverview…..Livingston Heights….Erskine….Klondyke….Oaknoll….Burton….Walden st….Shiloh

  34. My top ten
    1. ORRUM
    9. RALIEGH

  35. I went to college in Troy, near Albemarle, I live near shelby now , theres meth heads anywhere in this state , watch your back

  36. When people crap on a town or city regarding crime they make it sound as if the entire city is rife with crime when general the crime is limited to certain areas. More importantly, violent crimes in most cases are between people who know each other and its not random. Unless you live in a lilly white upper middle class to downright wealthy area there will be crime. When it becomes violent and random Id be very concerned otherwise live where you want, mind your business, and avoid involving yourself in criminal activity and youll be fine.

  37. Im in one of those cities where every person you find locked up in jail recently were due to drugs. Its insane

  38. Good video Nick, great job !!!…Been living in NC 60 years and love it BUT I dont live in any of those places you mentioned, Thank the Lord !!!…God Bless you and yours Nick !!!

  39. Ok this explains it then. I use to travel through Fayetteville as a child with my mother and siblings on our way to Georgia. And I always wanted to visit for some reason. So when I moved down to NC 9 months ago. Me and a friend went there for a weekend trip. When we arrived and looked around. I was thinking why did I want to come here? ha This is nothing like I thought it would be. I had seen all this military stuff and though it was a cool spot to probably live. lol We did managed to have some fun though. But I wouldnt live there.

  40. the hell you say, I live in Big money charlotte and crime is a damn fool here. They are trying to gentrify and move the $ uptown but there is so much crime up there it just dont go reported as much.

  41. In Charlotte the NC SC border is where they are moving to. No one would move to rawleigh area nothing there

  42. Yeah and what about Rob. Co.? Fairmont, Orrum, Lumberton are hotspots

  43. You need to mention Chadbourn and Jacksonville. I love my state. But geez. Lol

  44. Who said Charlotte wasnt dangerous . There is shootings every day n some times the cops dont show up or show up hrs later.

  45. Curious, I was born and raised inNC and have lived the greater portion of my life here and I love it. NC is in transition into unknown territory. When I was a boy in the 50s NC was primarily an agrarian society. With modernisation of farm machinery, the loss of tobacco, and corporate agriculture taking over the greater portion of farm land is disappearing, In the North its the Rust Belt, here in the Bible Belt we have the Rot Belt…farming is rotting. Many of the noted towns and cities in this vid are dying because nothing has come to replace the income structure farming generated. Sadly, these communities will wither and, at best, just a very few people will stay to sustain them. North Carolina will, at some point, rise from the ashes of its lost agrarian life and become a decent place for all of its people. I lived in the thriving metropolis of Aurora on the south bank of the Pamilico river as a boy. It was determined to be dying then, but 65 years later it is still there, despite aspirations of becoming a boom town when Texas Gulf started mining phosphate. Those dreams never manifested. None the less, Aurora is still alive, not a shining star by any means but, still alive. It has potential to grow and thrive in a new century…all the places in you video do too.

    1. @the1trueblack god 🤣😂😂 nope.. doesnt explain anything. Again your stereotypes arent typical of North Carolina. Youve yet said where youre from & Im guessing youre the sheltered one seeing what you think of my great state. You sound as if youve not gotten out & explored much in your life or educated yourself about different areas of the country. While soooooooo many others have. You gotta travel more!

    2. @the1trueblack god thats all positive & well known information about the south. Id say our food is better because we know how to flavor our food. We dont eat bland food & Idk anyone who flavors with nonstop basil & nothing else in the south….. I say that because all my family from Philadelphia (except my mom.. she could cook!) only use a huge amount of basil on everything. We flavor with ham hock, turkey legs, butter of course, & mixes of seasonings.

      But to the before. I wasnt trying to anger you. I was just generally confused with your stereotypes of North Carolina. In my 39 years Ive never heard such old thought of stereotypes. Were seriously not backwards at all. You definitely need to make a trip here. Its beginning to be overcrowded everywhere you go in the state. Honestly I dont see much difference in NC, the south, or any other considered rural community of the country.

      Oh & as far as the niceness of the south goes.. the entire United States all around is thought to be very kind nice people in the eyes of most foreign countries. Thats a positive for everywhere USA.

    3. @the1trueblack god Pitt nor Greene Counties are in the mountains of North Carolina. Nothing you mentioned are stereotypes of anywhere in North Carolina except possibly the mountains. Again youve never been to North Carolina or the south or anywhere small town USA. North Carolina isba HUGE retirement state for people from the north. Im not offended by your comments.. just confused as to where you live? We have some of the most top ranking Universities in the country. Ive never heard anyone stereotype North Carolina the way you have.

    4. @the1trueblack god apparently youve never been to any place in North Carolina. My great grandfather on my grandmothers side was the largest land owner in Greene County up until the depression. My great grandfather on my grandfathers side was a master farmer.. meaning he won the highest award from the governor for his farming skills. My grandmother attended East Carolina University when it was East Carolina Teachers College in the 30s. Were not backwoods here. Oh & for myself. My father may be from my home town, but my mother was from Philadelphia.. where her family had lived for at least a century.

    5. @Phil Hewett. Phil, you sound like one who is very familiar with NC. What is your history and connection with this great state?

  46. So Salisbury is dangerous I’m from New York and I’m going to campus there and I’m scared asf never been to another state before

  47. Couldn’t help but comment. Born and raised in NC, lived all over. Had to speak up for Durham. It’s not as bad as you make it out to be. I’ve lived in Durham for 12 years in many different parts. Raised 2 children there. Great charter, private and magnet schools. And they are not hard to get into. The food industry has really grown. They have torn down a lot of the public housing and have built newer homes. The gang crime has gone down TREMENDOUSLY. I never had any problems while living in Durham and I went to college at NCCU. Durham also has top notch health care. One of the things I miss the most. Any common sense person can sense trouble and stay away from it . I see Raleigh didn’t make your list and neither did Charlotte. I’ve lived in Raleigh and there is not much of difference other than it’s extremely expensive.

  48. Crack cocaine planted by the evil government. Just like the Reagan administration did in Compton. Haven’t heard of D.A.R.E since.

  49. Dont move to NORTH CAROLINA, you all wouldnt like it!!!

  50. Those cities can’t get better unless people move there….

  51. I don’t believe nothing u say after that worst neighborhood video in Wilmington 😭that video was cap

    1. Yes I’m in white I’ll my grandma own 2 houses her one downtown and one in the country Part it’s peace Wilmington bad this not castle street this

    2. Ok so I live in Wilmington but I’m at my grandmas house in whiteville it’s no violence here

  52. I can confirm I was stationed in ft.bragg and first thing I was told when I got to my unit was not to go to the Walmart at night

  53. In my first amendment opinion privilenge , it is a requirement to wear a bodycam 24 7 in North Carolina as a shield against corrupt public officials .

  54. Lumberton (Robeson County), NC, rates number 1 for highest murder rates for city and county in NC. I grew up there. Moved about 4 years ago, not looking to ever go back. Its actually 20 mins from Laurinburg, the city you mentioned. Its bad.

  55. At 6.56 into the video this guy runs a red light thats a crime !!!

  56. I thought for sure Id see my small town of Spindale NC on this list, our property crime rate is I think 92%. I do however know over the past maybe 5 or 6 years it has been growing and cleaning up some but its still pretty bad.. not to mention we are home to the infamous still running cult word of faith. I remember when I was 18 I started seeing this guy and hes this big tough body builder, first time he came to my house I was like why dont we walk to the store at the end of my street, this man really looked at me like I was insane and refused to walk in my neighborhood.. I mean I get it, but it just ticked me considering I grew up here and have literally been walking these streets since I was like 10. Lmfao.

  57. I live in kinston and it’s really not THAT bad

  58. Ive lived in Whiteville for the past several years and never had a problem. I even used to walk to work every day at around 3-4am. Fast food pays higher than min wage here btw. Though I do hear the occasional gun shot every few months. And there really isnt anything to do in town.

  59. Why don’t you come on down to Cary cancer in the street corner thoughts in a crack dealer or a drunk

  60. I live in Lexington and theres crime everywhere, not just here in NC

  61. Lived in NC my entire 56 years of life. We dont tell people about Linville, Banner Elk and Sugar Mountain. We just dont. We like it that way!

    1. In the mountains 🤫 family lives up there and love going up there im from concord

  62. This video was harsh. I live in Charlotte and even though crime is high, if you avoid the bad areas, the rest is nice. As far as jobs, you might have to drive 30 minutes to work but that isnt a bad commute.

  63. I’ve lived in whiteville my entire life. The only thing true is low cost of living is low but it’s a short distance to Myrtle beach and Wilmington so it’s a pretty decent place

  64. I grew up Salisbury, and proud of it. Growing up in Salisbury definitely made me the man I am today, but I definitely moved away first chance I got.

  65. Ok, youre way off on Durham, but spot on Whiteville. Every place has its ghetto, but Salisbury is a decent place. Ok, Rocky Mount is coming up, but High Point is THE Worse place in the state. Winston-Salem, is a pretty big city with some really nice places, four very good Universities, including one of the best Art schools in the country. Comeon man dont pick on little Laurinburg, Laurinburg has its nice areas. Henderson, is not a bad place. Fayetteville sucks. I was stationed there in the 90s and it was rough there…Hay Street has been off-limits to soldiers for nearly 40 years. Dont move to Lumberton. Whattt! Kinston is up and coming quick. Theyve been cleaning it up and revitalizing it the last several years. I promise, there a lot of worse places in NC than Kinston. The Coast is safe?!?! I live North of Wilmington and Wilmington can be a very dangerous place. How about Jacksonville? Or Washington? Statistics dont tell the whole picture. But you are right about about half of these.

  66. tf durham is a great city just dont go to the east side

  67. He clearly hasn’t been to Durham in a long time because their isn’t nothing run down about it. It has rough places in town just like Raleigh or Charlotte but it’s actually quite expensive to live here

  68. I used to live down that street they went down on in Durham

    1. @Nick Johnson it really really did. Durham was on another level when I was there

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