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Kumar Şehri Las Vegas

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144 thoughts on “Kumarhane yeni vegasın başında”

  1. Yo Ace – Awesome tour…you rocked it as only you can do. Big fan of NYNY. I was there a few months after it opened in 1997…I wasn’t in grade school 😂

    1. Ayyyyye Dan, great to see ya. Glad you made the inaugural year, gonna have to tell me about it next time we can meet for beers 🍻

    1. 48th and crepe is a good breakfast spot. I like Chin Chin myself, lots of kinda brunchy options you know?

  2. Great tour Ace. I know my sister and brother in law enjoy the dueling pianos when they are performing. Thanks for the walk of the layout. G from Vegas Best Ideas.

    1. Anytime G! Im hoping it helps anyone who gets turned around in there. God knows it happens to me a lot lol

  3. Are all the buildings in NYNY separate towers touching each other or they connected with the hallways? Ive never been inside NYNY and I wanted to know

    1. Good question O-INN. They all seem to be seperate towers.

    1. It is quieter yeah. Well need more time to get Vegas back to full capacity

    1. Yeah just a touch. It helps it was a holiday weekend. Glad you enjoyed it

  4. Your name is ace of vegas literally puts a new york vlog next

    1. Lol New York is so hardcore it makes its way to Vegas 😂

  5. Great walk-thru, Ace. Ive stayed at Excalibur a bunch of times and I swear when I do, I spend more time at NYNY than my home base. The casino is always hopping at NYNY. Loved the stroll through the faux NY street with all the eateries, all of them very familiar to me. Its funny – when you were filming the casino from the upper foyer, you were walking all around the perimeter of Pour 24, a little craft beer bar that is my first stop on the way to the strip and my last stop on the way home to CastleWorld. By the second day of a week-long stay, the bartender seem to know me. (Odd, eh?) And of course, when the Maple Leafs are in town, you go through NYNY to get to T-Mobile. Ive always liked that place. Great vid, man.

    1. Lol best show in town indeed. Steve was a Saint for handling that

    2. Theres one near Planet Hollywood. I wanna say Pin-Up Pizza? Its solid, not spectacular but def solid. But Ace, I shit you not. The slice was the size of my head.

    3. @Ace Of Vegas Oh, and youre right. That NY Pizza sucks.

    4. @Ace Of Vegas I had many, given the amount of times I stayed at the Excalibur. Henry would quite possibly be one!!! But Ill never forget one named Steve. Im coming back to the hotel so, yeah, Ive had a few. Stop for a wobbly and theres a wedding party – 5 men, 5 women – and they are bombed! Tons and tons of shots, he told me. Im about to leave and he says, Seriously, man, grab another and wait 2 minutes. You gotta see this. Theyre about get their bill. It came to something like $700. They went nuts! The bride-to-be starts yelling at the others, Yall better pony up cuz I aint paying for that, you motherf***ers!!! The other women start yelling back at her. Then the guys get into it. So loud the bouncers at Coyote Ugly are looking over, like WTF? And it went on. I have to look towards the casino because Im shaking laughing. It went for 20 minutes. Id already bought and tipped on my 2 beers. I handed Steve another $20, eyes still wet from laughter tears and told him, Best show in town.

    5. Thanks Don. Off the wall question, was the bartender named Henry by any chance?

  6. Have you ever thought about being an audiobook reader? Your voice would be perfect for it!

    1. Thanks bud. Ive never really considered it to be honest with you, but I might persue it 😊

  7. Great walkthrough. Ill be going back to Vegas in November. Itll be my 3rd time in Vegas, but first time staying at NYNY. I couldnt help but notice that they didnt hassle you about filming on the casino floor. Last time I was in Vegas and recording the casino floor, I was rushed by 2 employees informing me it wasnt allowed lol. Cheers from Texas!

    1. Lol I think it might be my camera. The pocket osmo is discreet.

  8. Omg I loved this video having stayed there Sept 2019 and Sept 2017 it was a trip down memory lane and cant wait to go back once this virus goes away I live in Scotland so its a no go for me right now so I thank you for the opportunity to walk through the NYNY one more time ❤️❤️🗽🗽

    1. Cheers Liz! Well get ya back here from Scotland soon enough 🍻

  9. I’m planning on going to Las Vegas in November for the Chiefs-Raiders game but I’m still coming to Vegas if that game doesn’t happen

    1. Right there with ya. But in October for the Circa opening.

  10. Fun vibe in NYNY. Ive seen a few big winners from there since the reopening. Sure miss the great MyVegas reward from NFI…took advantage of that on many occasions. On my very first trip to Vegas I rode that Rollercoaster twice back to back…that was enough for me! 😂 Great walkthrough Ace ✌

    1. Lol thanks Bebe. Yeah Wonderwoman dragged us on the rollercoaster in the dead of Winter at Midnight. After Id been drinking of course 😂😂😂

    1. Right on, let me know how that trip goes! And strong hands at the tables there 😉

  11. Great walk through. I love NYNY but have never stayed there. I am booked in for Superbowl weekend so fingers crossed for international travel by Feb! Keep up the excellent work

    1. Man youve got me thinking about a Feburary trip too. Ill see if I can meet ya at the sportsbook my man!

  12. Very well done Ace!! I loved it. I enjoyed watching Zumanity….so much fun. Oh and the rollercoaster 🎢 omg!!!! I thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive hahaha!! Fun but heart attack waiting to happen!! Thank you for an awesome walk through ☺️💖

    1. Ace Of Vegas I’m all in!!! Get those songs ready 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Claudia theItalianSlotChick craps there, then Karaoke at Ellis Island!

    3. Ace Of Vegas yes casino is awesome 👏🏼

    4. Anytime Claudia. I love NYNY too. The rooms are meh, but the casino is just so much fun

  13. Gallaghers is an AMAZING Steak House, Me and some friends recently celebrated there for a Birthday! They sat us at the Chefs table back in the Kitchen Area!!! It was GREAT!

    1. Outstanding! Ill see if I can squeeze a trip in next time.

  14. When did you shoot this Ace? My brother and I were there last Wednesday (July 15)…made about $40 on a few rounds of bubble craps and then I did well using the $25 Konami slot reward… ultimately pulling out about $200 from their Fu Said machines. Really enjoyed the place. It was my first time there.

    1. @Ace Of Vegas Aaaah…we had a really great time. Hot! But it didnt bother us much…we walked from the Flamingo to there and then to the Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Then walked back…for 110 degrees it wasnt all that bad actually.

    2. I woulda just missed you Jack. This would have been on or around July 3rd.

  15. Thanks for the walkthrough Ace. Havent seen NYNY for a while! Cheers~Justin

    1. @VanCity_J_NO that works for me. I love travel pictures too man. I got those notifications on for ya!

    2. @Ace Of Vegas I have just a random slideshow of Vegas from different trips back to 2010 I am putting together. I never took pics or video really before.

    3. @VanCity_J_NO yessir! You stay safe put there too. Whens your next vlog fam? I need to catch up.

    4. @Ace Of Vegas Hey man, nice to hear back from you. Yeah I am with you. The detail is really cool, love when places go that extra little bit. Hope you and family are staying safe. See you on a stream soon I bet.

    5. J-NO, good to see ya bro. Yeah the Casino usually stays in good shape. The rooms need work. But with all the good eats and fun things to do, I say it gets a pass. Im glad you enjoyed the tour 🙂

  16. Ace, do you ever gamble at the table games? It would be fun to watch you play black jack or roulette in one of your videos.

    1. Actually Cable I do. Im a Blackjack player mainly, though Ill dabble in craps. They usually dont allow filming at the tables, so Ill have to pull some strings and find a casino thats down. Maybe a downtown casino or perhaps a locals might let me. Ill keep you posted.

  17. Great info Ace. I like that casino, I almost won a $385,000ish progressive there on Wizard of Oz, years ago. Note to self…always bet max when playing those kind of progressives that ONLY pay if playing MAX!
    One day…one day! Degen mentality 😆🤞👍🙏

    1. Lol live and learn Coco. Im glad you enjoyed the tour, NYNY is one of my favorites too

  18. I think New York New York Planet Hollywood and palace Station And The Gold coast and Strat and Manlaybay is under ratered they have so much to offer

  19. Always a lot of good facts about Vegas in your videos! Great job Ace!

    1. Thanks Richard, thats high praise coming from a pro like you my man!

    1. Ace Of Vegas @Ace if Vegas. We have stayed there a couple times. Love the rooms. Their jacuzzi suites are awesome. But I don’t like their pool. To small.

  20. That was a great walkthrough ace of Vegas the new York new york hotel and casino is amazing i like that

  21. I have come to really enjoy the casino at NYNY in recent years. I have heard that rooms are in need of a refresh, but I would like to try staying there sometime. Lots of good, cheap food options!

    1. Yeah they definetly need a quick decor update, but the rooms are clean. Give it a try when you can JR

  22. Thanks for this! I’m getting married in Vegas, travelling from the UK, next September 2021.
    We’ve just booked the spa suite here and I’m
    So excited.
    It’s my third time visiting Vegas and there truly is nowhere like it 🤩

    1. Ace Of Vegas Thankyou my friend! I’ll be sure to follow up with my thoughts! I’m sure it will be amazing, I’ve yet to be disappointed by Las Vegas!

    2. Congratulations to you and your fiancé Hollie, I cant wait to hear about the lovely spa suite experience. Im sure itll be amazing 😊

  23. Is the daquiri bar open? Im gonna be at nyny in 2 weeks

    1. No dice there Im afraid Ms. Jessica. Unless theyre serving food too, bars are shut down like a Circus clown as we speak.

  24. Staying at New York New York in September!! Cant wait, I love this hotel ❤️

    1. As I do, I cant wait to play a few hands of VP there in October 🙂

  25. Very good vlog / we plan to stay here in October of this year / hope it is still open / did you notice if the Fulton Fish Fry place was open / we ate here before and it was very good / we also have My Vegas 2 for 1 at Toms Urban which is good and fun / thanks

    1. Nice! Yeah Fulton I think was closed when I went by, but most of the eateries downstairs were opening up. So Im sure by October theyll be in full swing. See ya in October 🙂

  26. With it being summer, i miss the cosmopolitan right now with their summer movies playing on the big screen. Great walk through!!
    Edit: i know youre doing NYNY, but for some reason it made me think of the Cosmo. Haha

    1. Lol hey its pretty close by. And fond memories are fond memories 🙂

    1. @Ace Of Vegas We appreciate your vids. we livin vicariously through them.

    2. I appreciate that Kev, I love doing these little history bits.

  27. Thank you for the walkthrough. This helped to make up my mind where to stay when I come in October

  28. Although it isnt a huge floor space inside I always found NYNY to be massively confusing to get around. Pretty sure I havent seen the Greenwich Village area when I have been there. Almost too many dining and drinking options to choose from, even with the Food Court closed!

    1. @Ace Of Vegas absolutely love the place, the fake cobbled streets and various patisseries and cafes havent changed in 20 years since I started going to Vegas. Plus the terrace of Mon Ami Gabi is a great place to people watch..

    2. @Steve Veasey oh mate I was thinking the same thing. In fact, Paris is on my favorite budget hotels list. That I should probably get around to releasing soon here lol.

    3. @Ace Of Vegas Its kind of like Paris, although depending which entrance you use you can navigate around the casino without having to go through it

    4. Yeah NYNY is something else. I think forcing you to go through the casino is their trick. And, well, it works.

    1. @Bradley Giesler Definitely man. Do whats right for you and your loved ones I say. Vegas will be here no matter what. Hopefully, this video has been helpful in your decision-making process.

    2. @Ace Of Vegas thank you suppose to b therethe first week in sept but still deciding

    3. Sadly I report that is correct Brad. Unless they serve food. So Toms Urban can still serve you beer.

  29. I agree, the attention to detail in NYNY is STUNNING! It’s SO AWESOME!

  30. Brilliant walkthrough, Ace! Living for all the written facts you add that I never knew about. NYNY is probably my favourite casino, I love the vibe/atmosphere and that it feels more compact so you don’t have to stagger far to the next machine! I think the NFI reward was $35 free credit which could be combined – or was it $50? Nevertheless you’re right it was one of THE best rewards on MyVEGAS – now everyone is fighting over the $50 Times Square voucher 🙈

    1. Cheers to that Matrix, just tryin to keep up with your Luxor Vlog. Yup, NFI was 35 bucks. Great memory man, I think youre the best MyVegas expert on YouTube 😁

  31. Which hotel is better to stay at? New York New York or mgm grand?

    1. Ok thank you, recently visited for first time last year and stayed at planet Hollywood, planning to visit again in 2022, and thinking of staying in either New York New York or mgm grand and though I’d get an expert’s opinion

    2. To stay? Id say MGM Grand. Their rooms, measured pound for pound, beat NYNYs easily. But at NYNY you can really feel the electricity in the air.

  32. Thx for the video, we are missing LV. Love NYNY gaming and restaurants. The rooms def need a revamp. Love your caption updates throughout video. And thx for subbing to my son Zay weeks, he appreciates the support 💕

  33. Nice video, although i disagree with your pizzeria comment i like it 😁

    1. No worries. Just a personal preference. Glad you enjoyed the video 😁

    1. Thanks Ty, hopefully that helps with some Vacay planning

  34. Great video, Ace! Your. Attention to detail is spot on! thank you, I loved it.

  35. When did you shoot this? I thought the bars werent open… so Im confused at why the center bar was open.

    1. Hey Susan! This was 4th of July weekend, so yes, the bars are presently closed. Correct observation 🙂

  36. NYNY is definitely an underrated hotel. I always enjoy my time there. I love the casino floor and the casual dining options. I go to NFI almost every trip. I don’t think enough people appreciate this place! Great casino walk through… watching this made my day!

    1. Awwww thanks Heidi! Then consider this your video 🙂

  37. Hola Ace!!! If you like Coyote style …..in Manhattan you got one even better, Iron Horse, Cliff and Fulton cross, FunFunFun!!!! Nice Vlog…..Regards to Jimmy Boy!!!!

    1. Real talk Alvaro, I appreciate the heads up about Iron horse too 🙂

  38. Hey Ace! Cool video! Is this new footage or when was this shot?

  39. NY NY is an Awesome Place to stay!!! Love that Place!! Many great places to eat!!! Classy Place!!! Good people who work there!!!! Back in Las Vegas and NY NY in Dec!!!!!

    1. We got a winner of a hotel for sure. Heres hoping your next trip there is wonderful too!

  40. I love this place I was a Senior in highschool at the time of this opening i was 19 at the time my mom I showed me this place I wish then I could have gambled there me and my mom got I think a dozen if not a platter of chicken wings I wish I could stay there I havent been there since I was 20 in 1998 I didnt back then until 1998 about New York New York mom thought at 20 I was going to get on the roller coaster I said No it wasnt nothing bad when we got the chicken wings I dont remember the name of the restaurant I just remember it looked like two paper boxes had giffefitti on it look like we was in a dark getto in the NewYork NewYork it just looked like that I didnt know they had a foodcourt Happy New year to you Mr Ace of Vegas Man I hope you be in Vegas when I go Im going to try to go this year hope fully I got to start saving my money I want to come October 31 but I may come on the 30 because I want to stay one night at the Strat I been pass there but I never been in there

  41. 777 pizza place is in the Greenwich area, I always get a slice and a beer x

  42. Another great walkthrough! On the topic of dining/drinks absolutely agree with you on NFI ! What are your thoughts of gonzalez y gonzalez ? Also the America restaurant?

    1. Hi Ive stayed in NYNY and tried the America restruant wasnt impressed the food was cold even when we complained and got a replacement it wasnt any warmer the staff were lovely though

    2. Surprisingly I havent had a chance to eat at Gonzalez Y Gonzalez yet. I did enjoy the diner though, good steak and eggs last I went in 2018

  43. I was actually there on Jan 3rd 1997! Unlike you, I was 28 when this opened, and it was the Only time I ever had spent New Years in Vegas…we got to watch them blow up the Hacienda right before midnight so that they could build Mandalay Bay…THE ENTIRE TOP LEVEL WAS JAM-PACKED FROM SKYBRIDGE TO SKYBRIDGE and we had to wait thirty minutes get into the elevator down to the main floor (my wife is in a wheelchair)

    1. Thats an amazing New Year. Ironically I DO remember them knocking down the Hacienda. We watched it on ABC (Channel 7 here locally) at my Aunt and Uncles over New Years.

  44. Great walk through Ace 👍 Too bad they arent more vlogger friendly there, we tried to do a group pull there once with some other Vegas YouTubers and they didnt want us to do it and wouldnt give drink service. So we left! Lol

    1. Right? Yeah the strip hotels are so behind on the social media scene. Once the Downtown Casinos beat them out, theyll learn.

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