Güneş ışığı kumarhanesi

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Kumarhane Ve Kumar Yasası | Slot makinelerinde kazanmanın hilesi – TVCS Uniforms

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  1. I really wanna have a Lefty Version of this. Fingers crossed here 😀

    1. Yes they are coming .. Thomann are taking orders .. you’d think Guitar Guitar would know that .. maybe Gibson hasn’t told them 😂

    2. @ghoulcaster I would honestly take it in any colour 😀

    3. I cant find any info on what new model Epiphones will be available lefty yet.

  2. Im looking at getting an epiphone of some sort. Are they worth getting or is it worth paying for something of a higher quality?

    1. Best advice with Epiphone is buy used. They really dont hold their value so good deals abound. Let someone else take the value hit!

  3. Super good review, I have the extract guitar being delivered in a few hours. Can’t wait to try it out!

    1. Thanks for stopping my Marios! Are you tempted by this beauty? 😁

  4. You said that the Casino goes back to the time before Gibson acquired the Epiphone company, but that’s not true. Gibson bought out Epiphone in 1957 – the Casino made its debut in 1961. Also, the Casino is, in essence, just a copy of the ES-330, which Gibson had been producing since 1959.

    1. True….but most people associate the Casino as Epi

  5. I just bought an Epiphone ES-339, and now Im wishing I got the Casino instead. Sure sounds nice!

  6. Ok, but a major downside to the modern Epiphone Casino is that their P-90s are wound way too hot. The vintage spec pickups are what separated the sound of the old Casino and the nodern Asian-built guitars. An honest review would touch on that.

    1. @Bobby Stereo yeah, the JL Tribute and the Elite Casino have custom pickups, they arent garden variety Epiphone P-90s. They may be Gibson.

    2. it would be fine if they were reverse wound for the hum

    3. @Bobby Stereo they were Gibson p90’s mate in the Lennon model

  7. I fancy the worn olive drab one, but the cheap price is actually putting me off!

    1. @Matt ONeill I wish someone would explain honestly! why the price drop, it has upgraded pots etc. I also fancy one but dont want to buy junk .

    2. This is also my conundrum. $200, or 30%, is a dubious price drop. I’m trying to get a better understanding as to why. It can’t just be the finish. A coat of Polyurethane doesn’t cost $200.

  8. Really I don´t se if there is any difference with the other casino (vintage and natural ) of the past years. Is there any new aside the colour?.
    Thank you for yoiur reviews!!.

    1. For me, the pickups sound like they have more treble.

    2. Biggest difference is the neck carve. The Worn has a nice rounded C shape while the standard has a thinner D shape. Also, nickel hardware, better electronics… but the neck is the biggest difference to me.

  9. Hi Vin , nice one ….great playing from Tom too . All the best to all you guys …look out for my traditional chocolate drop off soon !! Rock on Gary

  10. Was just about to get back into having a guitar again and pull the trigger on the $650 Epiphone Casino. Why does this new one cost $200 less? Are all the components exactly the same or no?

    1. Buy this guitar and some Turtle Wax auto polish. $449 + $6 and do your car also!

    2. The way I see, they were actually in the wrong price range before, not now. You can buy a used Dot for £250 and a new one for £400; Vintage (the brand) has a good casino copy for £285: Cheap Chinese brands like Hartwood and Haley Benton are in a lower level but still competing with £250 new and still pretty decent archtops. Even the Gretsch G2622T (comes with a Bigsby and is actually better than Epis) is being sold for £416.

      While the old priced Casino is actually more expensive than a Fender Player.

    3. The pickups are differs as well. These have PRO P90s. The natural/VS/Cherry have P90R and P90T. What that means? Don’t know. Just ordered the Olive.

  11. I have an Epi Elitist. Its simply the best-built, best playing and sounding guitar I have.
    Just to mention, the main riff in I Feel Fine was played by John on a Gibson J-160E. The neck position P-90 in that full-bodied guitar has a very special sound as heard (with some EQ and other processing) on that recording. However, the neck pickup on the fully-hollow Casino does a creditable job as well.
    Very nice vid, mate.

  12. Can anyone help? I bought a regular Casino a month ago. I like it a lot except for two issues: 1) Tuning: The tuning heads are so small its annoying and awkward. I could live with them if the guitar stayed in tune but a few hard bends and its gone. I know I can pay a luthier to replace them with Grovers or whatever, not sure how much that would cost…but would it help stay in tune? How can a $650 guitar have such bad tuners?
    Or could some other factor be causing this?
    2) Playability: Its not awful but certain things seem off. When I do big bends sometimes the adjacent string pops over the top of the string Im bending. Never experienced that before. Also when Im playing the higher frets, it takes more pressure and accuracy to get a clean and solid note. I have a week or two where I can still return it, and I played my 18 year old Schecter S1 Plus and NONE of the above issues exist, but I did have a setup done when I bought it. I forgot how smooth and buttery it was, cuz Ive been playing almost all acoustic for the last 15 years. So, I was ready to pay for new tuners and a setup, and then I see the Casino Worn today. But its $200 less! Whats the catch? I checked Epiphone website see the fingerboard is not Pau Ferro and that the neck profile is different, (why the neck profile different on the same guitar?) but Im not sure what that means in terms of playability which is very important to me. Are the pickups the exact same? Are the fret sizes the same? I went to Epiphone website to compare but a lot of it is vague. The regular says 5 layered maple and the Worn says Maple on Epiphone website. I love the Worn look, and Im thinking If Im gonna put $200 into it after the fact, am I better off buying the cheaper Worn version b/c in end Ill end up at the same place for less money? But is it likely that a setup will fix the playability issues? Will the Worn one still not be as good because of inferior materials? Ugh!

    1. @BernardShakey I fitted a PQ-6060-00 TUSQ Slotted 1/4 Epiphone nut. Compare measurements to see if youve found a better fit. The description now states pre-2014 and post-2014, but it wasnt stated when I got mine so perhaps theyve had complaints.

    2. @Kizzy C ah OK, the one I found, PQL-6061-00, seems to have correct dimensions. Disappointing to hear it still needs a shim.

    3. @BernardShakey The TUSQ nut I fitted was supposedly Epiphone compatible according to the Graphtech website, but it was 0.5 mm low, hence the shim.

    4. My 2015 Casino has the same tuning problems. Like the above reply, Im going to replace the nut with a Tusq one to try fix it. Afterwards I will consider changing the machine heads. There is a specific Epiphone tusq nut you need to buy thats taller so shouldnt require a shim.

    5. I also had tuning issues with my 2019 Casino. The vintage tuners are small and stiff. I changed them to Gotoh locking tuners (SD-90 MG), but they are still stiff. The nut was badly cut which caused binding. I changed the nut to TUSQ which fixed the problem, but had to insert a wood veneer shim to raise it, as Epiphone nuts are cut deeper into the headstock. Tuning stability has improved, but its still the most unreliable guitar in my collection. Perhaps the hollow body gives a bit more than a solid body?

    1. The Casino was originally a short scale ES 330, made at the same factory, having the same components, just different logo and pickguards. Sheraton was the ES 345, Riviera was the ES 325 (except for the centre block and the frequensator Tailpiece, this being exclusive to Epiphones and preceding Gibson acquisition) and so on.

    2. @Doug Goransson Ok. Didnt know. Never owned either. Same With the exception of the pick ups?

    3. @Bobby Stereo the 330 is. Look it up . Back in the day, Gibson made both in the same factory, with the same materials. The only differences were the headstock and the shading of the sunburst. It all changed when Eli became Gibson’s lower priced, off shore brand in the 70s… but in the beginning, the Casino was identical to the 330.

    4. @Doug Goransson the casino is completely hollow, I dont think the Gibson is?

    5. Sure is. It was an exact copy of ES-330, which Gibson had been making for 2 years before they came out with the first Casino. Everything identical except the headstock shape – and later the fret marker shape.

  13. Anyone know what the neck profile is on these casinos? The epiphone website says “60s C”. Is that similar to a gibson slim tapered neck? Or thicker/rounder?

    1. They are like a D shape with a 12 fretboard radius. Very comfortable and forgiving to the fat fingered. Lol

  14. Yeh yeh the finish the finish ! Lets get the tones together dammit ! Aww here we go with the dopey distortion ! Tones, tones, I want to hear tones, not its got this its got that gee sus !

  15. Why didnt Epiphone add the new Kalamazoo Headstock on the new models..? Except on these super expensive USA models

    1. Cause the Casino was never a Gibson, this was mentioned in video a ES330

  16. Got one and see why the Beatles liked them. also have the Casino coupe. I also have Les Pauls and a few others. As was said one can use various pedals or amps to get that sound you are looking for.

    1. whats your opinion after a few months? I saw some say the regular casino had some bridge rattling issues and problems holding tune just stock. have you found that to be the case with the worn versions?

    2. @Bella Chi I tried the casino worn ebony and a coupe turquoise finish. I played them side by side for about 30 mins, For me, I preferred the worn finish in general and the body size also felt more mature. I think when compared side by side aswell, the casino just sounded that tad more grown up compared to the coupe. I went home with the ebony worn casino.
      Hope this helps, but honestly you should try them both, they are both great in their own way. Which ever you choose, Im sure youll love it!

    3. I’m looking at this and the coupe. What’s the biggest difference between the two that you have noticed, besides the body size?

  17. Quirks for potential buyers to consider: howling feedback, electromagnetic interference, tuning instability, pau ferro fretboard, fiddly repairs through the f hole, and strap button location. Just things I dont like about my 2019 Casino, but may not bother others.

    1. Has not bothered Thousands and thousands before you.
      BTW, all that you mention can be overcome easily and Pau Ferro is a more than decent fret board material.

    2. @David Babb Id say the Epiphone Dot is a safer option, because its not hollow and has humbuckers. I only bought the Casino as it was admired by the Beatles. 😉 Ive upgraded the nut and tuners, but its still a bit dodgy for going out of tune. The P-90s sound good, but electrical appliances cause pops and radio interference, which makes recording sessions rather annoying.

    3. If you play super loud with a lot of gain then its probably not the guitar for you. For most genres and settings it works fine. I havent struggled with any tuning instability but I have a vintage one so that could be why. I cant speak for these new models, but they look really cool and Im glad Epiphone is expanding the options for this classic guitar. More people should play Casinos!

  18. To me the neck shape is very important on a guitar.I would like to know about that when I read or watch reviews.

  19. Hoy he probado la casino worn en una tienda y sinceramente, no vale para nada.

  20. a P-90 is less scooped than anything except maybe a DiMarzio Super Distortion. Very strong and balanced between frequencies. Its like a midway point between a Fender and a humbucker Les Paul.

    1. @South Toe Thats fair. Epi has a complicated history. Theyre certainly turning things around in that division at the moment.

    2. Dont care for the company much, but Ive definitely noticed that Epiphone is getting a lot of love this year. This guitar sounds great BTW

    3. They sure are – theyve really been treating us well this year. So many awesome releases from them we are really spoilt!

  21. FUN FACT: This guitar is so great even ringo got himself one because he liked how it looked!

  22. Get the fuck out of here with that Casino/Epiphone history. A joke.

  23. Fret jobs on the new epiphones are horrible. I had to send a firebird back it was horrible. Ive seen 2 videos claiming these are just as bad.

    1. Im a Tele girl myself, so thats a hard decision. Also have a Danelectro 12 string that I love, but after trying my brothers Casino I really wanted one. Just added this one to the fleet. Not disappointed.
      In other words, get both.

    2. @Peter Strange Perhaps Tele is more versatile? This guitar looks great though.

  24. A Casino wasnt used on I Feel Fine but it sounds like it could have been.

    1. A Gibson J160e was used as far as I know but your theory could be right if Macca played his 62 Casino

  25. A luthiers I know, says its Chinese crap. The Korean ones were OK.

    1. Grandpa has a D. But you know what isn’t missing the D? Your Grandma 🤣

    2. Your trippin… it jents… and the feedback is gnarly with some gain

  26. Ide actually like to hear more about the necks on these guitars. Are they slim taper , or chunky? Never played one.

    1. Round, not slim or chunky. Pretty similar to a fender C neck profile, not modern C, that you may find on mustang 90 guitars. Or like a gibson tribute with a less wide fingerboard.

  27. I bought a Casino Coupe from the Camden Town store. Flew all the way from Washington, DC. because the Inverness Green finish was not available in the US. Told my London relatives that the trip was to visit them. 😈

  28. I tried one today in a music shop. It looked and felt really good, but Id heard somewhere that the higher frets were a bit hard to access. Having now actually played one, I feel this is true and would put me off an otherwise great instrument.

  29. I ordered one of these a few days ago. I cant wait to get it Casinos are the best Epiphone has to offer in my opinion. Thanks for the demo!

    1. Awesome man! Im sure it will treat you well when it arrives! 😀

  30. These new casino pickups seen to sound way less dark than the previous reissues

    1. @James Wood Thanks! When are they gonna release the MIU casino?

  31. Nice demo.I bought a brand new Epi Casino last year from you and after a while it developed a buzz/rattle since then it’s had new Gotoh tuners Gotoh bridge Tusq nut frets checked and levelled and a setup but the rattle is still there.My luthier says there’s nothing you can do about it ?

  32. Can you rock it for a little bit so we can see if it can do it?

    1. Well hopefully have some more sound bite videos coming your way Jerry, hold tight!

    1. This is just another sales pitch – Ive never heard a guitar retailer put down their own products.

  33. Ive bought one 3 years ago, in natural finish. It has an ebony fretboard, if anybody got any info on this, let me know! I dont know whats in those pickups, but I bet its magic! So much warmth and grit, you cant help yourself but pick it up and play!

  34. Does anybody have any insight as to why these are $200 cheaper than the previous Casinos? I can’t help but to be suspicious of a 30% price drop.

    1. @Matt ONeill yeah the green is the pick of the bunch for me too

    2. @Charlie OBrien I’m looking to add either a hollow, semi-hollow, or chambered guitar to my life. It’s down to this or a Gretsch Jet.

      Maybe I can get both?

    3. @BernardShakey possibly. For me personally, the olive green Casino is cool AF.

    4. would guess the sunburst and natural versions are still the biggest sellers cos of The Beatles

      Its a Christmas Miracle!
      My advice; Get one.

  35. what you are trying to say is a P90 is a single coil with some balls

  36. does it sound like the 4000 dollar gibson hollow bodies?

  37. Have one, natural finish, sounds and feels great.

  38. Whats the difference between these and the regular Epi Casino that warrants a $200 price difference. Is it thats an archtop but these worns are flat tops or something?

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  40. “Because it’s open [no centre bar] its got a lot more chime, clarity and depth in it” … For anyone new to this stuff, that’s snake oil sales BS. Calling this an Honest Review means you can’t trust their word on anything. Here’s my honest review of myself. I could’ve made much more music, be a better player, producer and writer if I hadn’t spent so much time watching reviews on youtube. Forget all the tone and specs stuff. They all sound like electric guitars. Like any one-sided relationship what matters is how easy it is spending time together and how much time you want to spend doing that.

    1. .. but if Vini reads this, I love your presenting style. I can’t stomach most shop reviews. I watched all of this one; you were engaging, informed and understated. I’d like to hear your honest-honest reviews. It’s all subjective so if you really feel that about hollow-bodies, my apologies. (You don’t though 😀)

  41. NO, the bottom line is, you make mistakes in your facts.

  42. I had one of these in the 2012, it snapped it’s neck last year 😭😭😭

    1. @Harrington Benton
      Sir Pauls was built in 1962. Neck still good.

  43. Is it normal for hollow body guitars to have a slight crackle with a bit of drive? like in ur video? Cos its the same thing I noticed with my Hofner Super thin.

  44. Is it too much to ask to install a proper nut on those instead of just a plastic one?

    1. @GUITARGUITAR So when are you gonna push for the bass version?

  45. Ive had my Korean made casino for 7 years now and I can tell you. These guitars just get better with age.

    1. Well Id disagree. Got a Chinese…sounds great.

    2. I agree. I’ve got a 2012 Korean model and it is a brilliant instrument.

  46. Got one two days ago the same finish, havent been able to put it down.

    1. Getting one for birthday. Is it an ok guitar if you want to make it scream/shred? Not that I am really able to do that yet, but want to know the option is there anyway.

  47. I had traded a Tribute ASAT for a Casino some years ago. It was a natural finish, and the P90s sounded wonderful. The only problem I had was where the neck joins the body. It is very hard to get to the upper fritz. This is one of the models that is supposed to be getting in American made version, like the acoustic Texan.

    1. The neck joins the Body at the 14th fret due to build concerns. They are completely hollow, so there is no center block to join it to, that makes setting it further into the body a necessity.
      That and some unwanted feedback during live performances are the only drawbacks to what is otherwise a rock and roll classic guitar.

  48. Once again, Gibson bought Epiphone 1n !957 and did not release the Casino until 1962. It was never a competitor of Gibson prior to Gibson buying Epiphone in 57. Once again, please get your facts straight, Vini.

    1. Its just that Epi is synonymous with the Casino….most musos understand the history.

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