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The probabilities in roulette seem to hold true more canlı ve maç öncesi bahis yapınız. Success at Roulette Casino Royale casino i rulet pro other social casino somebody that just started playing which I am guessing money gambling in or they were given all the free chips.

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Basically taking me down to zero chips so I would have to buy. Canlı bayili Roulette Live dealer online roulette avrupalıların en ve güvenilir işlemler yapabilirsiniz..

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  1. This system worked for me. The key is to set a reasonable profit target and stop playing as soon as you reach it.

  2. There is not one system on earth to beat roullete never will be.. These type of videos are just playing syatergies

  3. In the end, you were $280 in front! Just saying 😏 but good strategy 😊 Ima use it in the casino today and see if it actually works 😃

  4. Dont worry I give you tips and tricks shortly. Which is guid to you never lossing… tricks…..

  5. doesnt work, maybe it does for like 10 spins if youre very lucky. very slowly building losses if you continue spinning

  6. How would you adjust this for an American table with 0, 00?

    1. you cant adjust it, its a losing system. It loses even more on american roulette

    2. Hello, did you ever figure out how to adjust this system for an American table? I have the same question. Thanks

    1. Lets play and tell us your feedback of your gameplay

  7. Hello .Can I be your partner?

  8. Anyone want strategy call me on live you can checkk then only believe

    1. 32 no cover karny k baad bhi haara hu bhut mai wo bhi ek he row mai

    2. Chor h bc sab mai 150000 har chuka hu ab tak sari video dekh li bc sab fix kar k bethy hai jab tak aap sab paisey haar nhi jaty. Tab tak wo apka no nahi le kar ayengye

  9. 2:17 – 2:29 literally stake £350 to win £10… 1:37 You achieved your target in the 1st spin but like all greedy gamblers you continued to make loses.

    Your strat cost £350 per spin & has to heavily depend on hitting even red numbers to make profit

  10. hhhhhhhhhhh fools i dont have to watch it till the end see at 1:46 ; total bet=350 win=150 u will lose in the long term, its luck no investment here..

  11. No no never ever No Chance with any Progression there is only one way——-Down

  12. Cheers quick 9k at casino before i was to paro n kicked out last night


  14. why would anyone play American Roulette. The house edge is twice as high as with a European table ……. It would be even better to play in a casino with No Zero tables.

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  16. Roulette is a negative expectation casino game. There is no 100% betting strategy that wins on every spin. The one in this video is no different.

    1. @รัฐภูมิ หุ่นรัตนะ Apparently from what I have read, the best odds of winning are on the video poker games. I play sometimes, but I like roulette better. The only real way to win at roulette is by playing a progressive betting strategy. The other task is finding a honest roulette wheel.

    2. Can u suggest other games that have higher Winning rate than Roulette bro?

  17. Too good to be true. In fact its not working as the house is not paying the red, the even and so on. Use it if want to use money.

  18. Bro show the system in Real casino with real money…

    1. no one of them with winning system plays in real casinos, just traying to get some looser to sub for their channel

    2. @Jarek xxx hey man I already tried this statergy and I lost money because of his nonsense brainless statergy. He wasting others time and money for his affiliate refferal and YouTube views.

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  22. This strategy can win in casino or not ? Give me idea n suggestion?

  23. Computerised me loss hi hoga. Plus hi nhi hoga

    1. @Bhulakar Raja I am now stopped to play roulette

    2. Do u also play roullete. I am in search of making a professional roullete players group. Are u intrested

  24. It looks like a very good strategy, But how was the balance became 6218 from 5658 at the very first spin after winning Rs.360.00 in no.34? Explain it first.

  25. If the same number like 33 will come three times or 30 or 36 all will go

    1. @aaditya paliwal hua yaar flop hua tumhare number hai kya

  26. Whats that 1-7 in only 1/1 then 4-10 only 1/1 next 22 3/1 as ur invested 350 250 losses

  27. Bhai roulette mai bhai 40000 har gya sucide karne ka man ho raha hai

    1. @KULDEEP RAWAT bhai kuch help kardo please yaar I need money

    2. @KULDEEP RAWAT bhai me muje watsup pe msg kr mai image send krta hu dekh lena game

  28. One of the best strategy in the market. But need some bit luck and high bankroll

    1. İnstead of this play casino war bro. You can win 80$ at least for 2 times a day with only 50$. I can teach you. This is 98% win strategy

  29. 100% winning doesnt mean profit. You lose money on a lot of these spins. No this is not a good strategy for a table.

  30. Total BS. Stratey does not work. Slowly losses over time. Tried it a few times on my own.


  32. What if comes 5 times the same Number?
    Not a system (especially paying)…not a technique..Just luck and % for the house
    Easy explained here

    U post also losing sessions?

  33. This formula can win big money or not ? Give me some advice

      Thats good amount. Nahi itna nahi khela. Yaar mera funda asa ha me rarely kheta hun lets 10k leke casino aur tab tak jab tak sab nahi harta. I know i agar me jeetunga bhi to maximum 30 -40 k that is not much value to me.

    2. @KULDEEP RAWAT yes, thanks, i agree with your point. it was just for fun me. I dont play much its very rare for me.

  34. At number 26 you will get 350 rupees but why did he give you 250 rupees

  35. Done calculation . It wont work

    13 numbers give Loss
    11 Numbers give zero result
    13 numbers giv profit

    So its just 50.50

    1. @Rejith P bro can you pls tell me what numbers are profit what numbers are loss

    2. @Rejith P What you said could actually be correct, my bad, I apologise. But in that case, the profit on winning numbers is slightly smaller than the loss of losing numbers.

    3. @Sead ******* bro Im professionally a financial Analyst. You pls do calculation its pure 50.50

    4. Your calculation cant be correct. It could never be 50/50, the house always has out.

  36. i would put the $50 in the first colum instead of the 2nd colum because it have more red umbers…2nd colum hav four red but 1st colum have six red numbers..and i will place the single $10 bets on 26,29,32 n 35 instead…both 1st n 2nd colum have six even the only difference is the amount o red numbers…

    1. Doesnt matter where you put the 50 bet and the 4 10 bets, while this may cover all the numbers, the payouts are different, with 20 numbers costing you money (either end in zero or a 50 to 200 loss). Numbers 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, and 34 are the only ones that pay (50 to 250). So you are still hoping that 1/3 of the table is all that hits so that you win the most.

  37. It doesnt work, dont waste your time and money on gamble. Only play for fun, only lucky people win.

    1. How the fuck can you lost with something so accurate 😂😂🙏🏼 please try live roulette

  38. First I was poor,🙈after watching this video now I m in debts 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤭thanks for strategy 🤦🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  39. Powerful software for roulette players – Rouletronic by aDifferentView

  40. This is not 100% . It is exactly 50% winning chance …..

  41. Which numbers do you lose money on?
    Which numbers do you break even on?
    and Which numbers do you make profit on? Please
    Once you know this information you can start working on a game play and staking strategy.
    Dont just go in blind, not knowing where the value hit is coming from and where you lose money.

  42. What roulette app is this. its kinda clear and nice apps lto practice a roulette strategies. 😊

  43. If I win first dozen in first colon odd value we loss more before how much we win

  44. Try this longer and you loose always. Download free roulette and see. You win only when numbers are small red.

    1. how could you say u will ONLY win if its a small red number? Didnt u watch the video? 28 n 31 are BLACK numbers n i it plays u wil win $10..

  45. It seems superb strategy
    I will try and post my result

  46. Thanks to you.. I FOUND new bet system.. I set as minimum loss at certain single number.. Highest payout at 1-18 red.. Jackpot at 14, 16, 18, 12.. In 15 minutes, I get about 1k..

    1. @Scary Animation most of time, my bankroll is 150..i will cash out if Im able to get even 50 profit.. 😂 Most of time, i will able to get 150 profit.. Then I will totally cash out.. 😂

    2. @Scary Animation use on9 instead..u bet 50 by 50.. I mean, if ur bankroll about 150..set your mind to use 50 only for 50 cent to cover MOST number u think will come next or hot number or THE SEQUENCE number (for online).. Dont EVER, NEVER EVER bet by feel but use strategies to cover any loss u get.. If u cant get profit by single bet, then use Fabionanci bet at Dozen.. 1 1 2 3 5 8 11 or using dozens bet to cover lost and get some profit (small) instead which is better than get a big loss..

    3. @KHenna Gaming bro I didnt understand please can u help me clearly I lost soo much

    4. Most channel I saw, they used HIGH BANK PAYROLL..and if the bet money loss, need to take more spin to cover the loss.. I recommended dont stay at 1 type of strategy.. Instead, use 3 to 5 strategies (maybe use 1 strategy at 1st spin, then combo 2 or 3 strategies for the next spin).. Like I did, most use strategiy I use is dozen betting + fabionanci progression (1,1,3,5,8,13,21,34…).. Then I checked for the last 5 win number, is it 5 even/odd number? 5 small/highnumber? is it likely straight red/black colour? My bankroll/deposit usually 200 only..if i make 25% profit, then already good.. Sometimes able to get 50% profit.. 😂

  47. Most stupid system I have ever seen. Tried it in demo roulette and watched my initial capital getting lower and lower and after a certain point realised it would never reach my initial fund.

  48. Im sorry but the Indian accent is like nails on a chalkboard to me

  49. Bhai jab english nahi boli jaa rahi,toh hindi mein hi samjha de.

  50. Remember guys any bet which covers more than 12 numbers will always be loss.

  51. Dont know how many times u re record this video. Loosing system

    1. @Paul Lally there’s literally ZERO guaranteed win system so you’re dumb for trying

    2. No this is single time recording video. All authentic video I upload with honest result.
      My aim is to tell you about the strategy. This game is based on the luck and your bet placement.

  52. Bro can you tell me the name of the application, you use??

  53. People try that strategy on some game and you see how it work😱😱😱…really bad strategy

    1. I actually did this and made $180 profit from $20 🤷🏽‍♂️

  54. Believe me, if you follow my own strategy you will become rich

  55. Sir if I achieved my target then also my mind telling play again and again. Then I loose my all money. How to control myself? If I played in morning and if I won my target then my mind asking what should I do remaining whole day? I am very frustrated with my self. Please guide me

    1. You should play for half an hour for single session. Then just close the app and do other things like check the FB, see the other videos on Youtube or do some other stuffs.
      Dont play roulette for long time. It will take all your 💸 money. One day one session (half hour) only whatever you achieve. And try different strategy on next day. Never use same strategy daily.
      Keep safe and keep winning. Best of luck

    2. Same problem.. pls control yourself. U should control yourself.. u wont always be Lucky. Think it like a salary and mahinat ki kamaayi.

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